Why should a start a side project?

Some reasons to:

  1. If you looking for a Product Manager position it’s a good idea to start a side project. To have a portfolio and to learning all the cycles of project development, research, development, and measurement.
  2. To learn new stuff, it’s the best way to be practical about what some study because you need to bring your knowledge to the public
  3. Make money, be aware that is not to be your first reason, because when you do something just about the money without passion when difficulties happen if you are just motivated by money, It’s not actually going to help to get over those difficulties.

Need some ideas?

  1. Start blogging
  2. Start a Podcast
  3. Start a newsletter
  4. Create a website about your passion
  5. Create a digital product
  6. Create an app
  7. Participe from open source projects
  8. Create an online course